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Lab Grown Meat

Advance Technical Modules


01. Best in Class Laboratory

02. Latest Instrumentation 

03. Expert Guidance

04. Fully Hands-on

05. Life long Support

Advance Module Details


Industrial Microbiology

Immerse yourself in a dynamic learning environment that encourages critical thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork, equipping you with the confidence and proficiency to excel in the field of microbiology through our 15 or 30 days of dedicated Hands-on program.


Molecular Biology

Develop crucial laboratory skills, critical thinking abilities, and attention to detail, equipping you to pursue careers in research, healthcare, biotechnology, and beyond, with a deep understanding of molecular biology principles and applications.


Food Biotechnology

Learn from industry experts who will guide you through practical laboratory exercises, covering topics such as food preservation, functional foods, and novel ingredient development, equipping you with valuable skills for the food industry


Medical Biotechnology

Develop a comprehensive understanding of the ethical, regulatory, and societal implications of medical biotechnology, equipping you to contribute to groundbreaking advancements in healthcare.


Forensic Science

Through case studies and simulated scenarios, participants develop critical thinking and problem-solving abilities, learning to apply forensic science principles to solve complex criminal



Mix Module (Microbio, Mol Bio & Biochemistry)

Participants will gain valuable insights into genetic engineering, bioprocessing, and the development of innovative biotech products, preparing them for rewarding careers in areas such as healthcare, agriculture, and biotechnology research.


Animal Cell Culture & rDNA Technology

Cancer cell culture and molecular biology techniques empower researchers to unravel the complexities of cancer, facilitating the development of novel treatments and improved understanding of the disease.


45 Days, 2 months & 3 Months Program

This program offers a wider choice to students along with comprehensive curriculum that covers key principles, techniques, and applications in the field, providing participants with a solid foundation and practical skills for a career in biotechnology. 


Job Oriented Training Program

Job-oriented training programs in biotechnology play a pivotal role in preparing students for successful careers in this rapidly evolving field by combining theoretical knowledge with practical experience and industry exposure.

Our Alumni Are From

Amity University
Sharda University
IMS College
IIMT College
Galgotias University

Application Process

  • Industrial training certificate will be provided to all the successful candidates.

  • All Life science & Biotechnology students pursuing graduates or post graduates program (B.Sc., B.Tech., M.Sc., M.Tech) pursuing or passed out students can apply.

  • Ph.D. scholars, College faculties, & working professionals looking to enhance their skill can also apply.

  • Individual Hands-on Training in Centralized AC laboratory, Free Wi-Fi, Free reference and recommendation for future jobs and higher studies. 

  1. Registration fee ₹ 500 Extra (Excluding module fee).

  2. Registration for the various training & skill development programs can be done by both offline and online mode.

  3. Once your application is successful, you will receive a confirmation email for the training program.

  4. You will get a notification and email regarding confirmation of your training .

  5. Batch starts from every Monday, enrolled students can join from any Monday.

  6. Report to company office on the date of joining at 10 am.

  7. ​Batch Timings: 9:30 A.M- 2:00 P.M (Morning) & 2:00 P.M - 6:00 P.M (Afternoon).

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