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Ph.D. Assistance

Biotechnology Ph.D. research work assistance is a crucial aspect of the doctoral journey, providing invaluable support and guidance to students as they navigate the complexities of their research projects. This assistance encompasses various aspects, aimed at ensuring the success and effectiveness of the research work. We play a critical role in mentoring students on research ethics, scientific integrity, and professional development. We offer guidance on presenting research at conferences, networking with experts, and preparing for thesis defenses.

At Helix we can conduct the research or provide specific experimental details. Here are some ways we can assist you:

  • Topic selection: We help you brainstorm and narrow down potential research topics within the field of biotechnology based on your interests and the current trends in the field.

  • Literature review: We can assist you in conducting a comprehensive literature review by providing guidance on search strategies, suggesting relevant research papers, and summarizing key findings in specific areas of biotechnology.

  • Methodology: We offer advice on experimental design and methodology selection based on your research objectives and help you in executing all this in our state-of-art laboratory. However, please note that it's important to consult with your supervisor or a subject matter expert for detailed guidance specific to your project.

  • Data analysis: We provide assistance with data analysis techniques, including statistical analysis, bioinformatics tools, and data visualization. We can also help interpret the results and guide you on how to present your findings effectively.

  • Manuscript writing: We offer guidance on structuring your research manuscript, writing scientific sections such as the introduction, methodology, results, and discussion, as well as providing tips on scientific writing style, clarity, and organization.

  • Presentation and defense: We help you prepare for your research presentations and thesis defense by providing tips on creating effective slides, delivering a clear presentation, and anticipating potential questions from your audience.  

Remember, it is crucial to consult with your Ph.D. advisor, research team, or subject matter experts for specific guidance tailored to your research project. Their expertise and guidance will be invaluable throughout your Ph.D. journey.

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Industrial Microbiology

Crime Scene Investigation

Forensic Science

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DNA Fingerprinting

Beauty Products

Cosmetics Product

Lab Grown Meat

Food Biotechnology



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Tasting Beer

Fermentation Tech

Wine Tasting Events

Wine Production


Medical Microbiology



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Drug and Syringe

Antibiotics Production

Chemistry Set


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Molecular Biology

Periodic Table


Environment Activists Protest

Environmental Biotech

Herbal Medicine

Herbal Drug

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Cancer Cell Lines

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