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45 Days, 2 months & 3 Months Program

Our intensive 2-3 month biotechnology training program offers a comprehensive curriculum that covers key concepts, practical laboratory skills, and cutting-edge techniques, providing participants with a strong foundation in biotechnology and preparing them for various roles in the industry. This program offers a comprehensive curriculum that covers key principles, techniques, and applications in the field, providing participants with a solid foundation and practical skills for a career in biotechnology. 

Through hands-on laboratory experiences, interactive lectures, and industry insights, this program equips individuals with the knowledge and expertise necessary to thrive in various sectors, including pharmaceuticals, healthcare, agriculture, and research and development. In these long term programs candidates have the options to choose and customise their own cominations from the various options available with us. 

  • 45 Days/ 6 weeks Program: Any one 15 days + one 30 days program can be selected. 

  • 60 Days/ 2 months Program: Any two 30 days program can be selected (Except MB-ACC program).

  • 90 Days/ 3 months Program: Any three 30 days program can be selected.

Image by CDC

Industrial Microbiology

Crime Scene Investigation

Forensic Science

Image by ANIRUDH


Image by National Cancer Institute

DNA Fingerprinting

Beauty Products

Cosmetics Product

Lab Grown Meat

Food Biotechnology



Image by D koi


Tasting Beer

Fermentation Tech

Wine Tasting Events

Wine Production


Medical Microbiology



Image by Nastya Dulhiier


Drug and Syringe

Antibiotics Production

Chemistry Set


Image by ANIRUDH

Molecular Biology

Periodic Table


Environment Activists Protest

Environmental Biotech

Herbal Medicine

Herbal Drug

Image by National Cancer Institute

Cancer Cell Lines

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