Helix BioGenesis has a sophisticated biotechnology facility with high-end instrumentation. We have an experienced team with proven track record of supporting training, research and development programs.

Some of the key instruments are listed below:

 Molecular Biology

  - PCR & Gradient PCR (Eppendorf, Bio-Red)

  - Gel Electrophoresis Units

  - Nano Drop Spectrophotometer (Qubit-2.0)

  - High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge (Eppendorf)

  - Deep Fridger (Thermo Scientific)

  - UV Transilluminator

  - Southern Blotting Unit

  - Pipettes (Fine-pipette)


  - Laminar Air Flow Systems

  - Incubators (Variable Temp.)

  - Incubator Shakers (Temp. Controlled)

  - Refrigerated Centrifuge (Eppendorf)

  - Pharmacy Refrigerator (Vestfrost)

  - Light Microscope & Autoclaves

 Cell/Cancer Biology

  - Forma Series II Water Jacket CO2 Incubator (Thermo Scientific)

  - Bio-safety Cabinet 

  - High Speed Table Top Refrigerated Centrifuge (Biofuge, Stratos)

  - Multifuge-3, Refrigerated Centrifuge (Heraeus)

  - Vacuum Pump (Buchi)

  - Incubator Shakers (Temp. Controlled)

Gradient PCR- Thermo Scientific.jpg
Eppendorf Refrigerated centrifuge.jpg

 Proteomics/ Metabolomics

  - Rotavapor R-200/205 (Buchi)

  - SDS-PAGE Electrophoresis Units (Bio-Red, Tarsons)

  - Western Blotting Unit (Bio-Red)

  - UV-Visible Spectrophotometer

  - High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge (15-50 ml)

  - Refrigerated Centrifuge (1.5-2.0 ml) (Eppendorf)

  - Deep Fridge (Blue Star)

  - Visible illuminator

  - Soxhlet extractor (3 Flask Unit)

 Medical Biotechnology

  - Gradient PCR (Applied Biosystems)

  - Gel Electrophoresis Unit

  - Biochemistry Analyser

  - Plate Centrifuge (Eppendorf)

  - Centrifuge for Medical Samples

  - Hematology Cell Counter

  - Hemoglobin Analyzer

 Food/ Immuno Technology

  - ELISA Reader (Under Process)

  - Gel Rocker

  - Laminar Air Flow System

  - Calorimeter (Visible Range)

  - Incubators & Incubator Shaker

Call Viability Assay
Bio-safety Cabinet
Rotavapor Buchi
Cancer Cell Lines