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Advance Course on Animal Cell Culture Training (MB-ACC)

Molecular Biology and Animal Cell Culture Training:    (1 Month, Regular Offline Hands-on Program)


-Total number of seats:  10 seats Only (for Offline)

Fees: (For 30 days OFF-LINE Program)

- Industrial Training Course- Rs. 12000/-

- Project On Cancer Cell Biology- See Information Brochure

-Training dates: 

               Current Batch: 1st March, 2023 (Seats Full)  

               Next Batch: 1st April, 2023 (Registration Open)                                        

-Venue: Animal Cell Culture & Cancer Research Laboratory

                Helix Biogenesis Pvt. Ltd,

                D-34, Second Floor, Sector-2, Noida  


-Details of techniques to be learned during the program: (All experiments 100% Hands-on Training)

-Molecular Biology and Cell Culture Lab:

  • Safety Information

  • Maintenance of Sterility

  • Do’s & Don’ts in the Tissue Culture Lab

  • Exposure to Facility equipment

  • Preparation of medium and required Solutions

  • Cell Lines revival (Recovery)

  • Animal Cell Culture and maintenance of human cancer cell lines

  • Subculturing (passaging) & freezing

  • Freezing & thawing of human cancer cell lines

  • RNA extraction from human cancer cell lines

  • cDNA synthesis

  • Reverse Transcription PCR (RT-PCR)

  • Induction of proliferation and differentiation in human cancer cell lines

  • Protein extraction from human cancer cell lines

  • SDS-PAGE and coomassie blue staining

  • MTT Assay for proliferation/cytotoxicity

  • Restriction digestion

  • Ligation

  • DNA gel electrophoresis

  • DNA gel extraction

  • Preparation of competent cells

  • Transformation and plating on LBA plates

  • Plasmid DNA isolation

  • Genomic DNA isolation

  • Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)

  • Protein & DNA sequence analysis

  • Primer Designing & Promoter analysis

-Only 10 seats are available so please register early to confirm your participation. We will update the website if the batch is full. Each participant will do all techniques real hands-on.

-Course Fees (food & accommodation is not included):    Rs. 12000/- (Special Price for MArch & April, 2023 Only). The full fee has to be paid within seven days of confirmation of selection for the training, otherwise, the seat will be allotted to the next wait-listed candidate.

-CERTIFICATE will be issued to all participants on the last working day.

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